In the process of providing towing services, it is possible to carry on without getting involved in an accident or incident. It is also possible to get into an accident regardless of the level of your experience and being prepared for any eventuality would be a good weapon.

The following are some of the common reasons why towing accidents occur and how they can be avoided:

  • Poor maintenance of the towing vehicle: A towing truck will require routine checks so that you can make sure that everything is in good working condition. You should ensure that the tires have the right pressure and are in good shape, all the rust is removed, and that all the parts that require greasing are taken care of.
  • Poor lighting of the towing truck: If the towing vehicle does not have sufficient lighting, the possibility of other vehicles hitting it especially at the back is very high. If you are hit by a vehicle from behind and he is able to prove that there was inadequate lighting, the insurance company will not offer any compensation and you will have to bear the cost of the repairs from your pocket.
  • Towing Accessories: You should ensure that before the towing process begins, all the accessories are in good shape. A good tow driver will ensure that if any of the accessories are not in a good working condition, they are replaced as soon as possible so that you will be ready for your next tow. The accessories should also be properly fitted so that they will not become loose in the middle of the road when towing a vehicle as this will not only be risky for you but for the other road users.
  • Inattention of the tow driver: If the driver of the towing vehicle is distracted when driving, there is a possibility of making the wrong move which would create an imbalance leading to accidents. The driver should avoid getting into a phone conversation while driving as this is among the major causes of distraction. Following the traffic rules is also vital and ensuring that every turn you intend to take is well thought of before embarking on it.

It is also important to ensure that the towed vehicle is properly balanced so that it will not sway while on the road. The driver should be able to have a clear view of the back of the towing vehicle so that in case he notices a mishap, he will pull over and rectify it before it becomes worse.

Tow drivers should also ensure that the towing capacity had not been exceeded. Towing a vehicle that exceeds the weight that a towing track has been made to carry will not only damage the towing truck but will also be a risk to the other road users when towing.

As much as the tow driver remains careful when towing, there are instances where an accident may occur due to the fault of the other road users. Remaining calm and in control will ensure that your vehicle will not suffer from too many damages and that the towed vehicle remains intact.